What's New

My poem "The Taste" will be published in a book under the working title of "Immortal Verses" put out by The International Library of Poetry. It is set for publication in Spring of 2007.
A new short story, "My Job", and the poem "The Taste", are now online.
November is novel writing month and Aimee will be participating in the NaNoWriMo challenge. See her user profile and read an excerpt of her novel here.
The November edition of Down in the Dirt Magazine featured Aimee's poem "Burn".
Also in September, Aimee has become a member of the West Virginia Writer's, Inc.
In September, Aimee applied for an Artists Fellowship Award in fiction from WV Division of Culture and History.

Aimee Nance is a freelance author of poetry and fictional prose. She resides with her husband and daughter. Aimee in her own words...

SNEEK PEEK - Read the full first chapter of Aimee's novel Anatomy of Horror right here!
I want the dark beauty wasting her time at Farlen's grocery. When I pull into the parking lot behind the decaying grocery, I see only one other vehicle. It must be hers. An old VW Bug with nothing short of a novel penned on the exterior. I don't know where to start. I read as much as I can by the faded glow of the street light. She thinks deeply. It could be interesting to talk to her if I were at all interested in her mind. My hunger rises at the mere thought of the hunt. I feel myself become the predator. The lone wolf. We are just educated animals and some of us barely that.
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