The Taste
A short poem expressing the building tension as a criminal watches and gets ready to attack his prey.

My eyes burn red hot.
Lava seeps from my pupils
Gushing down my cheeks
In blistering streams.

The following poems were written for an anthology commemorating the Blair Mountian Mine Wars.

Lift Up
Lift up your heads
To a life of want and struggle,
To never have as much as you need,
To babies coughing and wife crying.

At sixteen he was caught in the mine wars.
He never knew if he killed anybody but
Was sure he had hit at least a couple of thugs.
Grandpa didn't like to talk about it.

The Falling Rain
The tin roof plays its music.
Thunder echoes down the valley.
Lightning cuts the dark sky and
I jump before I know it.

All text and images copyright ©2004-2007, Aimee Nance. All rights reserved.