Short Stories

My Job
The leftover ruins and high tension of a battlefield are seen through the eyes of an average American soldier. Our narrator would never call himself a hero and spends only a few minutes puzzling over his reasons for being in the war.

The Storm
Published in Down in the Dirt Magazine, volume 12, August 2004. (Mis-titled as "The Story").

What does it take for a teen girl to survive a long-distance trip with her estranged Father? An imagination so vivid it may become her reality.

Canis Lupus
When twelve-year-old Delia stumbles across a corpse in her neighbor's field, she tries to do the right thing. But strange rituals, missing bodies and a sceptical Sheriff make it seem as if she is the criminal -- and may keep anyone from finding out the truth.

Lora worked hard to escape from Matt, her abusive, alcoholic husband, and to make a life for herself and her young daughter. But when Matt finds them, the fight may be more than she can tackle alone.

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