The Facts

• Born January 9th, 1979 in Point Pleasant, WV the second child of John and Sharon Webb.
• 1994-97 wins several local awards for her art and writing including the West Virginia Young Writer's Award for 1995.
• Moved to North Carolina in 1998 and decided to make writing her vocation.
• Moved back to West Virginia and started attending Marshall University.
• 2004 was a fiction editor for Marshall's literary magazine Et Cetera.
• Graduated from Marshall University with an RBA in May 2004.
• August 2004 first short story published in Down in the Dirt magazine.
• July 2006 first poem accepted for publication.

In Her Own Words

I live with my loving husband and supportive daughter. In the last two years I have been learning what it takes to be a writer, and I still have a long way to go. I feel I have finally found my voice and my writing is now growing by leaps and bounds. I feel the goal of any artist should be to make their audience feel or understand something new. I'm thinking a lot more about my audience now and I hope that my novel will change how people see one another and hopefully not just through the eyes of suspicion.

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